Saylani Welfare provides an improved way of life by continuous relief and by investing in lasting solutions and permanent schemes that bring social and economic change to the people of Pakistan. We empower future generations by concentrating on providing education, employment, housing, financial and medical aid to the most disadvantaged families and individuals. We believe that only by continuous support, the society can benefit in the long-term and lift the siege of poverty and famine. Saylani Welfare concentrates on:
  • Distributing free meals to 63,000 people at 61 centres twice a day as well as reaching poorly accessible localities in the rural areas.
  • Providing free health facilities, medicine, tests and surgical operations.
  • Providing general and religious education.
  • Assuring monthly sustenance of more than 1,500 families.
  • Organising more than 30 different social welfare activities.
  • Assisting with educational help by paying for school fees, books, uniforms, short courses and technical training.
Apart from its permanent and on-going projects, Saylani Welfare responds to emergencies, natural disasters and calamities affecting Pakistani citizens.