Providing Medical Aid

Thousands of people approach our organisation in need of medical aid on a daily basis. Many of them are suffering from severe diseases which cannot be cured easily. The Para-medical unit in our medical O.P.D is actively working to help these people. Both male and female doctors are available for thorough medical treatment of the poor patients.

Saylani Chest Care Center

The Chest Care Center has been set up for patients suffering from Tuberculosis, also they can avail the opportunity of complete medical treatment free of charge. The total cost of this whole treatment comes around 24 pounds per person per treatment.

Saylani Diabetic Center

Many patients suffering from diabetes contact our organization, they are then offered free medicine after a complete checkup by our specialists. This treatment costs around 13 pounds per person per treatment month.

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is one of the most dangerous diseases which are very common amongst the poor people of our country. The treatment for this disease is also very expensive. Saylani Welfare Trust is provides people with free medical treatment which costs around 277 pounds.

Saylani also provides a free pharmacy, artificial limb replacements, lab investigations and mobility equipment such as wheel chairs.