Well Digging

Saylani Welfare Trust is working on a very important project, which is, to provide pure drinking water to the small localities (towns) & to the Madrasas where thousands of students are attaining Quranic & other basic education.

These wells are fulfilling such a tremendous need of drinking water in several parts of Karachi city & thousands of unprivileged people have been benefitting from these wells. Saylani Welfare has been providing free of cost, all drinking water supply facilities such as ground digging and sanitary work.

Although this is indeed a rewarding service to fulfill the drinking water needs of poor people Saylani Welfare couldn’t render its mega project alone. Our valued donors cooperate with us with their Charities, Zakat & other Helping Funds Worldwide Specially form U.K , U.S.A , U.A.E , E.U & other countries of the world.